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Ok … before I even start on this one, I need to forewarn three-quarters of all the women in America that this is a glory story about someone being able to GAIN weight, not lose it.  Believe it or not, there are a few comparatively lucky souls in the world who have to work to keep it on, not get it off.  And they don’t get much sympathy, I’m afraid.

This is someone I know who had really hated the fact that they had been TOO skinny and angular most of their life, and no matter how many protein shakes they drank, they could never round out those angles with any noticable success.  Finally, they gave up on it entirely and figured that it was just their lot in life and that was that.  They did not even suspect that God had something else in mind. 

Through a completely unrelated event, this person went through a significant deliverance process that reached deep inside to some core lies and fears they had resulting from some trauma in her life.  The deliverance really took and they knew some significant changes happened.  Still they had no idea that it could be related to their ongoing frustration with weight.

But God was up to something! 

First He got her to a house with a scale, since she didn’t own one.  Just for kicks, she hopped on.  AND WHAT???  No way.  FIVE POUNDS?  She had wondered if her clothes were fitting better than usual, but brushed it off.  Now, what to make of this?  So, God got her on another scale at a different house and the same thing again. 

It was undeniable.  She was gaining weight … for the first time in years.

Unbeknownst to her, the deliverance that God had taken her through had released a core truth that rendered a protection mechanism no longer necessary.  Being a woman had been dangerous for her, based on the experiences of her life.  And the protection she had adopted was that angles were safer than curves.  No amount of high fat diets or protein shakes were going to fix something that wasn’t purely biological.  God knew she needed this piece, and He was simply waiting for the right time.

This story touches me because it so illustrates God’s intimate knowledge of us.  This woman had tried everything she knew to do, and had given up.  She HAD gone through hours of inner healing and deliverance already, but had not found the key to this issue.  But God was not confused.  He knew exactly what needed to be done and how to do it.  He knew when would be the right time for her to have this freedom and for her body to be the way GOD designed it to be. 

God cares.  I am sure that she doesn’t know yet how this will fit into the grand strategy of her life, but God knew that things weren’t right inside of her.  He desires us to be whole and healthy, for each of us to be a beautiful expression of His creativity.  I joyously celebrate the personal God we serve, His unwavering care and wisdom, and His infallible timing. 

And I hope you will join me in celebrating Him!

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