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Share Your Thoughts

Now that it has been a couple of weeks since the release of “The Flow of Life and the Structure of Your Spirit”, I am very curious to hear any feedback from those of you who have listened to it, or are in the process of doing so.  As far as I know, it is a fairly new topic, or one that has not been extensively explored.  How is it landing?  Do you see application in your own life?  And what kinds of results have you gotten when you apply the principles?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Dedication Down Under

There is a pattern emerging here – first Canada, then King’s Canyon, and now Australia.  All Mercy land.  All places where I have dedicated albums.  Either this is God or I am in a rut!

The dedication of “Life Flow” took place in two different cities, in a simple, yet powerful way.  I was in Australia all last week, staying with some dear friends who have been distributors for my materials there.  The first few days of my visit were taken up with exploring the area, including an invigorating hike up Mt. Warning, complete with lots of bird sounds – I am assuming there were birds to accompany the sounds but they were well hidden – beautiful tropical surroundings, and rocks to climb.  I hear the view is great from the top, but all we saw that day was white.  It was like sticking your head into a big wet cotton ball.

On Thursday I took a day trip to Melbourne, bringing the album master with me.  I knew there was a patch of land I was to visit, and the album needed to be there.  On Friday when I returned to Pottsville, we finished the dedication with prayer and blessing from Brad and Beth, who stood in for the entire nation to impart to the album everything that God desired.  As we spent this time together, I was really struck by God’s heart for redemption and restoration.  Even though that is not the topic of the album, it is there in every word.

The area of structures is one which the enemy tried hard to ruin.  But God’s design and His planning prevailed, and it is blossoming into what He originally made it to be.  This is only the beginning.  But as the beginning, it represents our Creator’s immense ability to take ground back from the enemy and thump him good for stealing what wasn’t his.

Our Creator is pretty awesome, come to think of it.

I am excited about what is ahead of us.  On a more mechanical note, my hope is for the beginning of next week to release the album.  There will certainly be a newsletter, and if you don’t already receive it, you may sign up by visiting my website at:  www.GoBeyondtheHorizon.com.  Click on “News” and then the link for the newsletter.

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