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Changing of Seasons

It was on October 31st that my study program officially ended and it is somehow already the end of November.  If you give me a few more hours (or days) to think about it, I might come up with a good excuse for the delay in this post.  I am as quick with excuses as I am with comebackers.  Don’t hold your breath.

This past weekend I spent some time savoring a few of the highlights of the four months.  There were many, but one that was a delightfully unexpected surprise is one that God set into motion years ago.  I was visiting a friend’s house and we discovered that we both like detective stories.  So she sent me home with a new one for my library called “Have His Carcase” by Dorothy Sayers, with an additional recommendation that I read “Murder Must Advertise”.  Well, by the second one I was hooked and proceeded to buy Amazon’s entire supply of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries.  My friend had told me that Sayers was Christian, though the mysteries were secular.  Somewhere along the way I discovered that she had written some Christian teaching books as well.  I bought one and never got around to reading it.  Towards the second half of the study program, I came across another of her books called “The Mind of the Maker” and decided I wanted to give it a try.  I thought it would be fascinating to see what she thought about God as Creator, especially since I connect so deeply to that facet of His nature.  But I didn’t know that it was a spectacular God set up!

One of the major themes of the whole study program was the Trinity.  There is a sense that exploring more of the Godhead as a whole would bring a richness to the flavor of my writing.  I wasn’t even into the book a chapter before I made two glorious discoveries – she was writing ALL about the Trinity, and she was doing it in the context of a writer!  In a nutshell, she compared the process a writer goes through to write and deliver a book and the effect of the reader’s interaction with it to the function of each Person of the Trinity.  So cool!  God tailored that one like a well made suit.  I devoured it, and am almost through for my second time.  I suspect there will be a third and maybe a fourth.

At the end of the day, there are certainly things I could do better next time, but there is no doubt that I am a different person because of this investment.  My thinking has improved in many areas of my life, and I have a deeper reverence for the depth of Scripture than I ever had before.  Last weekend I also spent some time savoring with a friend and was given the gift of a huge piece of insight for the future.  It is a dynamic of writing that I have marveled at in others and believe I have the capacity to develop.  But I have never had language for it before, and now I have something to sink my teeth into.  It will take some work and practice to get there, but I am SO on it!

In the meantime there are a backlog of blogs and articles waiting impatiently for their turn.  One principle in particular I was going to write as a blog when it took on a life of its own.  It may even appear as an audio recording instead.

Looking forward, my big rock in the jar is the zero draft.  I have already done the work of transferring my spoken notes to chapter bullet points.  They form a forest of Post-it notes on the wall in my office, and have already been re-arranged a couple of times.  I am looking forward to incorporating different land dynamics into the writing process.  There are already two trips planned, and I am certain I will make at least one trip up north to visit my trees.  They have a lot to say about things that are older than time.  The only question is which chapters to write where?  This will be a fun process of synchronizing with the King.

Many times I marvel at my audacity in choosing this topic as my first book.  But every time I have pulled away from the idea to consider doing something else first, my spirit has conniptions.  I know, before I even begin, that I will fall far short of communicating the depth of the God before time.  But I also know that I could write 100 books on the topic and fall short on every one.  It is simply too big of a topic.  But God can still transform, even through the meanest of methods, and sometimes we must just begin!

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