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Bungee Cords

When I was growing up, there was always a bungee cord or two somewhere near by.  My Dad kept a supply of them in his shop – some of them regularly used and some of them on standby.  We always had a handful in the car.  You never knew when you might need one.  They were like duct tape.  Almost as versatile as your imagination.

In more recent years, I have seen them put to far broader use than I could have thought of as a kid.  Like jumping off of bridges.  Or old water towers.  Or other crazy things that people do when they have an empty space in their brain where their good sense ought to be.  But the one that interests me the most is actually a spiritual bungee cord.  It is invisible to the naked eye, but let me tell you that the hook and the “boing!” are really there!

This is how it works.

Somewhere in your past you went through a painful event.  At the time you didn’t have a big enough frame for what went wrong, so you made a judgment or an inner vow or two about what was or wasn’t going to happen in the future.  This is especially an issue when the judgment is against God.  Somehow or another He didn’t do what He was supposed to do, therefore, you are going to step in and do the job for Him next time.  Pretty cheeky when you look at it like that, but it’s exactly what we do.  Sometimes we don’t even realize just how cheeky we’ve been.  It can be a knee jerk reaction to say, “well, I will NEVER put myself in that kind of situation again” (God, you aren’t trustworthy in this kind of scenario) or “I WILL do this or that to prevent this from happening ever again” (God, you can’t take care of me so I will take care of myself).  On the list goes.

Well, the judgments come with a price tag.  Sometimes God will let us get away with the new path we are determined to cut, but what we don’t realize is that the judgment acts just like a bungee cord.  Those hooks go into our back and the cord starts to stretch.  We might get a ways down the road and it will seem fine.  But sooner or later, we will run into a situation similar to the original event and “boing!” we are right back in the old emotions again.

You see, most of us want to heal and grow.  Right?  I am going to assume that is one of your goals in life.  So, after you emerge from your original painful event and patch up the pieces of you that are left, you try to get on with life.  You even heal up the wounds.  You think that you have gotten on down the road pretty well.  But then …


You are in a situation where you think you should respond differently, and you can’t.  All you feel is the old emotions boiling to the top again.  Hadn’t you gotten past all of that?  Didn’t you spend hours and hours of inner healing to drop that baggage off at the dump?

Just recently I had this exact experience.  Probably the most uncanny version of this spiritual dynamic I have experienced yet.  Felt like I was time traveling, but not the fun kind.  Several years ago I had a “crash and burn” that left me pretty trashed for a while.  I was so determined not to have that happen again that I made inner vows in my sleep.  Well, it has become apparent in recent weeks that there was a treasure that got slimed in the midst of that season.  I have been making intentional strides towards unpacking that treasure.  And guess what comes gurgling up from the sewer?  Yeah.

Fear.  Dread.  Loneliness.  Depression.  Fear of loneliness and depression.  Anxiety.  Instability.  Did I mention fear?

It was like I was right back there again.

And trust me, I have done a LOT of inner healing.  A bit of deliverance too.

It took me a little while to figure out what was going on because the emotions felt so close and in the present.  But eventually – by the grace of God – I realized I had felt this way before.

In all of the work I had done to clean up the mess, I had not dealt specifically with judgments against God for what had happened.  Those judgments were the bungee cords that kept me stuck in the past.  My emotions could not advance to meet my present level of growth and that’s why I was feeling so much of what I felt then.

Bungee cords are great in the shop and for holding down the tarp on your car.  And hey, if you want to jump off an old water tower, be my guest.  But they are not so nice when they keep you stuck in the past when God wants you to walk boldly into the future.  If you’ve got a couple of them hooked in your back, why don’t you drop them off at the dump with the baggage.


There is a full teaching on this topic called “Trauma Bonds to Time”.  It is available on the Sapphire website at http://www.TheSLG.com.  It is an excellent teaching and I highly recommend it!

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