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Chain of Events

There is an old kid’s movie called “Bethoveen”. It’s about a family who manage to adopt (or he adopts them!) a gigantic St. Bernard. He immediately begins to terrorize their house and lives, but finds his way into their hearts too. Well, one thing about a super-sized dog is they also come with super-sized slobber. In one of the scenes, Bethoveen slimes the Dad just as he is leaving for work. With a dramatic sigh, he heads up the stairs to make a complete change of wardrobe. His wife calls up to him to just change his pants. He replies, “but if I change my pants, then I have to change my shirt, and if I change my shirt I have to change my belt, and if I change my belt, I have to change my shoes, and if I change my shoes, I have to change my socks..” and on he goes.

This movie scene came back quite vividly this week as I have been rearranging my entire office in order to accomodate a new laptop. I am beginning to fear that the chain reaction will extend outside the office doorway and I will have to overhaul my bathroom, living room, and kitchen too. All for a new laptop!

It has been a frustrating ordeal. However, I am learning patience, or at least recognizing the potential to learn patience. I am also becoming very familiar with the Best Buy near my house. That may have Kingdom value someday. But what has struck me is this chain reaction I find myself caught in, as one problem solved causes another three to surface. It’s like that wack-a-mole game, and just as irritating.

So, I look at myself in my humanity and bumbling attempts to solve the problems I am creating, and I can’t help but stand in awe of God. He is continually disrupting the status quo and never is caught in a chain reaction He can’t control. He is always one step ahead of the events that are happening, never do the events get the drop on Him. Powerlessness is simply not in His dictionary. I marvel at the scale on which He does this. We are talking about all of creation, at any moment, all the time! Goodness. I can’t hardly keep my office from overtaking my whole apartment! God masterfully plans and crafts and shapes the process, and knows exactly which piece He can pull or manipulate to create exactly the chain reaction He wishes to.


He’s my hero!

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