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Celebrate Plumbline Ministries

Hello Friends!

I have started a whole new category for sharing our celebration and glory stories of how God has worked in our lives through Plumbline Ministries.  If you click on the link under the categories for Plumbline Ministries, you can post comments or respond to someone else’s comment if you wish.

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New Beginnings

I set up a pretty bodacious schedule for myself.  Too bodacious, in fact.  I am already behind.  I am in the process of setting up a new website and preparing to record an album to sell on it.  And boy, there sure is a lot that goes into that process!

My new business is called Beyond the Horizon and the website is www.GoBeyondTheHorizon.com.  I am really excited about this new beginning and how God will use it to further His Kingdom. 

As I have spent days and hours working on this new business and website, I am drawn to look at how I got to the place where I am.  It wasn’t easy, clean, or simple.  It has been fun at times, and certainly exhilerating, entertaining, and painful.  But life brings you it’s greatest treasures when they come in all kinds of colors. 

So, I have been flipping through the pages of the years and celebrating God’s goodness in the people He has sent my way.  One of those people who has played a huge role in recent years is Arthur Burk.  He is founder of a business called Plumbline Ministries, and God has used him in a prfound way to poise me at the cusp of this new beginning.  His teachings have shown me facets of God’s nature I had never seen, and fanned the flame of my own allegience and commitment to the great King, Jesus Christ.  I would not know half the things I know about myself, nor would I be in any shape to act on that knowledge, if it weren’t for Arthur Burk giving of himself so freely to God’s desires.  

It is an honor to give back to the body of Christ and the world for how many dear friends, family, and brothers and sister in Christ who have given to me.

And now back to the schedule …

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